Monday, December 20, 2004

From the top...

My daughter Katie is almost 3.

She currently is undergoing speech therapy. At the age of 2.5, she could say exactly four words: "Mama," "Dada," "Da" (what she calls her brother), and "backpack" (thank you very much, Dora the Explorer).

At that point, we discovered that she COULDN'T HEAR, and that made actually TALKING pretty darned difficult. She got tubes in her ears and has received speech therapy through Early Childhood Intervention since August. Kate's vocabulary has grown to include "apple," "water," "SpongeBob," and the chorus to "Ruby Tuesday."

Can't wait to find out what is next...

She will be 3 on New Year's Eve (yes, in my future are millions of NYEs spent with a dozen giggling girls in my living room for slumber parties), and after much thought, my husband and I decided to switch to a private speech therapist for the remainder of her therapy. ECI doesn't offer services past the age of 3, and our other option was to receive therapy through the school district, which wasn't a very good option. But I'll get into that another day.


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